Lip Fillers

Beautiful lips can enhance your look like no other feature can and our lip filler and contouring treatments can enhance the natural beauty of your lips. The lip enhancement treatments that we offer are performed using hyaluronic based products, which aim to restore lip fullness and definition. Most patients find that their lips not only appear more attractive, they also feel healthier, softer and more hydrated.


1ml Revolax £200

0.5ml Juvéderm £200

1ml Juvéderm £240

Lip outline (Vermillion border) from £200

Cupid's bow enhancement from £200

Dissolving lip fillers £100

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*£50 deposit required, the balance will be payable on the treatment day.

Procedure Time


30 minutes

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On Set of Results



Duration of Results


6 - 8 months

Risks & Complications


Possible mild injection-site swelling and bruising




Before & After Photos

Lip Fillers Before & After Treatment

Lip Fillers Before & After Treatment

Lip Filler Treatment Before & After

Lip Fillers Before & After

Lip Fillers Before & After Treatment Photo

Juvederm Lip Fillers Before & After

How long do Lip Fillers last?

Lip fillers usually last between 6 - 9 months, this can vary from person to person depending on how quickly your body breaks down the filler that has been used.

The benefits of Lip Fillers

If you are not happy with the natural size and shape of your lips or the fact that the ageing process has caused them to become thin with a lack of definition, our lip fillers can be the perfect solution. Safe, natural and painless, our treatments can help to create the lips you have always wanted and combat fine smokers’ lines, issues including lack of volume, wrinkles, smile lines, cupids bows, lowered corners and oral commissures.

As well as aiming to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, our lip enhancement treatments can also enhance the effect of lipstick and minimise ‘lipstick bleed’ which sometimes occurs at the lip border. The ‘Cupid’s Bow’, which is the V-shaped area of your upper lip, can often cause lipstick to bleed down the vertical wrinkles, thereby losing line definition and actually accentuating the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles around the top of the mouth.

Post-treatment & recovery

After your lip enhancement treatment, you may experience some bruising, swelling and tenderness which can last between 6 and 10 days. You should then be left with naturally more volumous lips.

What our clients say

****** IMPORTANT NOTICE ******

If you have had a COVID-19 vaccination you cannot have any filler treatment within 2 weeks of your vaccination date.