Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose filler, is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment to change the size and shape of your nose for cosmetic and functional purposes. The result of a Rhinoplasty is a more proportionate nose fitting your natural facial features.


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*£30 deposit required, the balance will be payable on the treatment day.

How does Rhinoplasty work?

By carefully injecting dermal filler above and below the ‘bump’ on the nose, we can very easily make the most ‘hooked’ of noses, look completely straight. Additionally, by applying filler around the tip of the nose, we can make it look thinner and more refined, and can further lift the tip of the nose by injecting Botox into the depressor nasalis, the muscle which continuously pulls the nose down.

How long does Rhinoplasty last?

As you don't tend to move your nose too much, the results last between 12-to-18 months. If you choose to have repeat treatments, they can last even longer.

Is Rhinoplasty for me?

Your nose is one of the most defining characteristics of your face and the natural centrepiece of your look. A change to the shape, size, symmetry or projection of your nose can harmonise your entire facial feature. The aim of a Rhinoplasty is to create proportion and normality to the nose. Patients who consider a Rhinoplasty can be for a number of reasons and these can include:

  • A fear of having photos taken at their worst angle
  • Intentionally turning their face to best hide the projection of their nose when talking or sitting next to someone
  • They like all other aspects of their facial features, but feel their nose is disproportionately affecting them.